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Why buy party pills?

Energy & Stimulation

  • Great for all-night partying, raves, socializing, enhanced confidence

Safe Replacements for Illegal Drugs

  • Avoid paranoia, the fear of getting busted, and the devastating effects of physical addiction to illegal drugs.


  • Help you get a better sleep, meditate, chilling out, reduce stress and anxiety

Sex Enhancement

  • Want mind-blowing orgasms, potent aphrodisiac effects, enhanced tingling sensitivity while making love?

Psychedelic Feelings

  • Change your perception of reality, intense visuals, altered sensory vibes and touch

Natural Highs

  • Safety from harsh chemicals
  • You never know what the ‘cook’ put into the next pill you drop or worse.
  • Party pills contain well researched and measured herbal preparations so you know exactly what you’re getting into.
  • Warning: just because herbs are involved it pays to know that some party pills can have strong effects.

Reduce After-Effects of Illegal Drugs

  • Coming down off highs from drugs such as ecstasy can made far more comfortable using relaxant-style party pills.
  • Using party pills such as 5-HTP means less chance of abuse of prescription medicines to get back to normal

Appetite Suppressant – party diet pills?

  • A lot of party pills contain ingredients that suppress appetite.
  • Great news for those that suffer from ‘the munchies’, if you want to shed a few pounds, or just keep that amazing body trim taught and terrific as you dance the night away.


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